Mini Firefighter - compact fire fighting tool to stop fires fast

The only portable fire fighter that extinguishes oil, grease, gasoline, electrical and wood.

Mini Firefighter: Stops a small fire becoming a major disaster

  • Small lightweight which extinguishes fires easily, quickly, confidently and safely
  • Perfect for the home, kitchen, auto, office, RV, boat, BBQ, Garage, and Camping
  • Extinguishes flames by suffocating and cools the surface to prevent re-ignition
  • An all-in-one by extinguishing more types of fires against the main fire classes:
    • A - Wood inc. Paper, Cardboard, Fabric, Plastic
    • B - Flammable Liquids/Gas inc. Gasoline, Diesel
    • C - Electrical
    • K - Cooking Oils and Grease
  • Can be easily stored mostly anywhere – incl. kitchen draw and car’s glove compartment.
  • Non-toxic, non-irritant and fully Biodegradable
  • Easy clean up – just wipe with a damp cloth. Leaves no residue
  • Easy application. No instructions needed. Simply “Shake and Spray”
  • Expands up to 40 times its size
  • Anyone can use it, especially easy for seniors to hold and use
  • 4-year shelf life and is date-stamped
  • Tested to the requirements of UL 711A and up to 35,000 volts. DOT 2P & 2Q.